Crips Appoint New VP of Marketing

Crips Appoint New VP of Marketing

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LOS ANGELES, CA – To compete with the growing influence of the MS-13, the Japanese Yakusa, and the Hong Kong Triads; the Board Members of the Crips Gang International voted unanimously Tuesday to hire Carol Kruse into the position of Vice President of Marketing.

Kruse, a former VP with The Coca-Cola Company, will be the lead for the Crips new online marketing campaign expected to be “in your mother f’in face,” said executive vice president for sales and marketing, P’sean “BB” Jackson.  Kruse, who starts March 10, said she is excited about the position and has lots of ideas for the Crips future.

“We’re not just going to tag overpasses and abandoned cars anymore.  We’ll tag search engines, and abandoned blogs,” said Kruse during a welcoming ceremony Friday.

The Crips marketing campaign from 2008.

Kruse plans on bringing the Crips’ message to people’s computers and smart phones, using top hackers to place gang signs on tumblr home pages, and including links to the Crips new online sales site through Amazon.

But the road ahead may not be an easy one for Kruse, suggests William “Wild Bill” Green, CFO of Pimping and Hoing.

“The problem is, we have so many divisions, each requiring a unique set of marketing and promotions.  We can’t have taggers posting messages about our fine quality crack and our vast supply of bitches and hos.  It’s a completely different market,” said Green from the street corner of Hollywood and Vine.

With stiff competition from both the MS-13 on the drug front, and the Bloods in the prostitution market, the Crips expect that a rise in consumers will be slow and gradual, even with its new marketing campaign.

“We’re not expecting to get rid of the competition overnight.  We tried that, and they were ready for us, and a lot of people died.  This time, we’re just going to rely on perseverance, ” said Jackson.

Graffiti image by Jason Taellious

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