Screaming Match

Screaming Match

Hey Everyone,

Happy Paul Revere Day!  This sketch goes out to all those who never had someone running in on a horse to warn them of impending danger.


LAURA, silver-haired, comfortable in her own skin, scrambles eggs for two.  Various breakfast items cover the counter.  SEAN, dilapidated, enters and slunks down into his chair, pulling out the morning paper.  Laura gives him a look, as if waiting for something.  Sean, seeing it, puts down the paper, walks up to her and kisses her on the cheek.  He then sits back down, satisfied. Laura lets out a,


Sean takes a minute to think to himself.  The toaster beeps.  He rushes to get up, grabs the toast from the toaster and starts buttering away, looking back at Laura.  She returns disdain and adds,


Sean, still confused, opens the kitchen cabinet and begins lifting out the trash bag from the can, looking back at Laura. He lifts slower, then faster, then slower again, trying to get some sign.  Laura continues to scramble the eggs angrily. Sean puts his foot into the bag to compact the trash downward, a look to Laura.  He grabs a plastic garbage tie from the drawer, a look to Laura.  He finishes tying off the bag, a look to Laura.  She shows no emotion. He takes the garbage outside and then comes back in.

Laura opens up the refrigerator and gets some orange juice. Sean quickly grabs it and puts it on the kitchen table, and then grabs two glasses for them both.  She looks at his hands.  Sean looks at his hands.  He quickly washes them in the sink.

Laura turns off the stove top and starts putting eggs onto two plates.  Sean puts the toast on the plates and then takes the plates from Laura, placing them on the kitchen table gingerly.  Laura hands him more disdain with her eyes.  Sean pulls her chair out for her.  She slowly agrees to sit.  After sliding in Laura’s chair, Sean sits next to her, and then waits.  They both sit there, motionless.  Sean looks at Laura who stares out the window.

Finally, Sean grabs his fork and starts playing with it.  He taps it on the table.  Laura continues to stare.  Sean finally, slowly, gets a fork full of eggs, looks at Laura, brings the fork closer to his mouth.  He looks at her again.  Finally, he looks away and takes a bite.

Happy Anni…

(mouth full)
Happy Anniversary!
I love you so much!




Portrait by Nikolay Svishchev-Paola / Свищев-Паола, Николай Иванович, 1874-1964 (1900s) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Thanks Daisy! The photo is from wikimedia commons. They have some good stuff on there. Glad you liked it!

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