You know how you go to your family reunion and you always have that uncle who wants to give you a hug, even though you don’t really remember his name or how you’re related? And you try and give him a handshake, but he’s not taking that, so you kind of lean to the side as he wraps his arms around you. And instead of letting you go to have a normal conversation, he starts asking you questions while he’s hugging you, like, “Where are you working these days? What have you been up to? You’re getting so big!” And you cringe and try to break free, but he doesn’t let you, so you just wait it out. And wait. And then someone has the nerve to take a picture of you.
That’s us taking the picture.
This website is about you.*



While this blog takes outside contributors, the overall comedic content is the brainchild of John A. Mathews, comedy writer and improv performer.  He has gone through such schools as the Groundlings, Second City, IO West, and Yarn Design for Beginners.  He did not have a good picture of himself to use, but thought this toaster was close enough.



Please note: the photos on this site are either in the public domain or are under creative common licenses and are being shared as such.  The photographers who took the pictures are in no way endorsing the content of Uncomfortable Hug, but they should!



*Disclaimer – The content on this website has nothing to do with you. If there is any similarity to your life, it’s because you are a clone of one of us, or you have psychotic tendencies and are not on enough medication. Please seek medical attention immediately.

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